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A driver for change

From the clothes we wear and how we feel individuality, to the infrastructures of the cities we live in, and the advertising and branding surrounding us; design shapes our everyday life.

Inspired by the alternative scene, MAYYA SALIBA grew from the wish to create fashion that is innovative and responsible. Our approach to create change is to reshape the industry and disrupt the way we design and experience fashion. By placing Circular Economy as a founding principle rather than an ambition, we aim to inspire a transformation across sectors. Each of our creations is designed using pioneering materials and cutting-edge technologies.

We are breaking new ground, challenging conventions towards a future based on connectivity, awareness, and collaboration.

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About Mayya

Founder, Creative Director

Born in Brussels, Mayya is an award-winning designer and sustainability consultant with a focus on Circular Economy. In 2016 she received the German National Award - Ecodesign Young Talent, presided by the Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks. Granted by the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency in cooperation with the International Design Centre Berlin (IDZ), the award recognises and honours pioneers in the field of ecological design. Her most recent work, an embroidered bag made of pineapple waste, was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It is currently showcased at the V&A's "Fashioned from Nature" exhibition.