Amsterdam Fashion Academy White paper

Following the presentation Mayya gave at the two days Sustainability Symposium, her critical study "Capitalism and sustainability: A mass seduction" was published in Amsterdam Fashion Academy White Paper.

"Capitalism and sustainability: A mass seduction" examines how social pressure can influence everyday life in the context of a globalized and capitalistic world, in an attempt to find solutions to  fashion and sustainability paradox, opening the way to democratic sustainability. The study discusses the political role of design and explores the link between consumption, human behaviour and social pressure. It draws upon the writings of H. Lefebvre, T. Fry, M. Lindstrom and is inspired by many more; with reference to social psychological experiments lead by P. Zimbardo, H. Arendt, S. Milgram, C. Sheridan and R. King and the artist Marina Abramovic; alongside numerous modern examples of influence in a social, political, economical context by examining past situations and experiences.