“In an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a net force.” – Isaac Newton.

 “Impact Kinetics” by Kim Sørensen, 2017

“Impact Kinetics” by Kim Sørensen, 2017

Kim Sørensen is an Australian artist known for his experimental sculptures and installations. Pairing participation with the enhancement of sound, aesthetics and form, Sørensen seduces the viewer into a world highlighting the poetic meaning in everyday life. Inspired by “Sustainability and other stories” analysis of power dynamics, Sørensen created mechanisms revolving around the idea of movement through kinetic energy. A single decision from giant companies can have an impact worldwide. Based on the Butterfly Effect theory, the installations stress how one simple action can result in a wave of repercussions. Each of us needs to reflect on our role and responsibility towards a viable future.

Winner of the German Federal Award Ecodesign - Young Talent 2016, "Sustainability and other stories" is currently touring the Baltic Sea Region with the Ecodesign Roadshow by International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), in partnership with the German Federal Environment Agency. Read more...

Mayya Saliba Ecodesign Award_Kim Sorensen 1
Mayya Saliba Ecodesign Award_Kim Sorensen 2
Mayya Saliba Ecodesign Award_Kim Sorensen 3
 Kim Sørensen in his workshop in Berlin, 2017

Kim Sørensen in his workshop in Berlin, 2017

- Sustainability and other stories - part of the "FAST FASHION – The Dark Side Of Fashion" exhibition in Manila, Philippine

Following the exhibits in Dresden and Hamburg, the Goethe-Institut Philippinen partners with the University of the Philippines College of Home Economics to present a one-of-a-kind event, charting the flow of inspiration and the desire to create sustainable fashion pieces.

Exhibit is ongoing until November 25.
 Original post and photos: Isis Aman.

Original post and photos: Isis Aman.

Porträt Mayya “Nachhaltigkeit ist nicht unser größtes Problem”

A fresh new article in the beautiful Noveaux Magazin! 

 Photography: Roland Kunos

Photography: Roland Kunos

"Sind wir gut? Sind wir schlecht? Was macht uns gut? Oder sind wir einfach das, was wir sind? All diese Fragen schwirren der libanesisch-belgischen Designerin Mayya Saliba im Kopf herum, während sie 2015 über ihrer ESMOD-Studie hängt und versucht Mode, Nachhaltigkeit und Kapitalismus unter einen Hut zu bekommen. Es sind Felder, die sich auszuschließen scheinen, die unmöglich in einem Satz koexistieren können. Oder doch? "

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Fashion film "Sustainability and other stories" presented at the German-Swedish exchange on sustainable fashion @ Bikini Berlin

The Swedish Embassy, the Swedish Institute and the German foundation Hessnatur Stiftung, in cooperation with Esmod Berlin organised an exhibition and a seminar at Bikini Berlin on October the 7th 2016. 

On the occasion of the Swedish State Visit to Germany, her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden attended and officially opened both the exhibition and the seminar. 

The “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” exhibition by Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld revolves around her collection “Haute Papier – The White Collection”.

Can different business cycles from fast fashion to slow fashion be a way to tackle irreversible challenges in the fashion industry? 

In connection with the exhibition, the expert seminar "Facing the fashion paradigm shift
– The relevance of sustainability" was held, moderated by Rolf Heimann of Hessnatur Stiftung. Participants in the discussions included H&M Sustainability Manager Hendrik Heuermann, Sustainability Director Elin Larsson of Filippa K, author Magdalena Schaffrin and Prof. Rebecca Earley from the University of the Arts in London.

Photos courtesy of Bikini Berlin and Hessnatur Stiftung.